It is one of the two or three oldest jewel makers of Syntagma Square.

Three generations, serving the world of jewels for 91 consecutive years, with taste and humility, in the same shope where, in 1923, Evangelos Verykokakis first started his jewellery.

A craftsman standing out from his peers, with unparalleled skill and eye, Evangelos build the VERYKOKAKIS brand, until the time came for him to relay the shop to his son Mihalis (Michael), who had been his apprentice for more than 25 years.

A people person, a world traveller and a patron of the good life, fashion and the fair sex, Mihalis crafted unrivalled designs, which showed his love for life and for the travels that he marvelled.


40 whole years later, the brand is passed on to the hands of Alexandra, daughter to Mihalis and granddaughter of Evangels. Alexandra was literally raised under the jeweller’s bench, breathing metals and playing with the tools and stones. She sold her first jewel before she became 12, to one of her dad’s and grandad’s oldest customers and has been nurturing the family tradition ever since. At her side her brother Vangelis, also a jewelmaker,  designs and produces jewels and gives life to the ideas and dreams of their customers.

With love, not only for pure metals but also for natural and modern materials, fabrics and colours, Alexandra mixes textures and materials – that you could swear do not mix well together – many of which she personally seeks in the markets of the Orient, India and other places we used to learn of in the fairy tales. On the other hand Vangelis, a perfectionist with patience beyond human limits, cares, apart from the appearance, for the functionality of the jewel. The immaculate stone binding, the perfect clip, the obsessed polishing of the edges – so that the jewel does not scrape the dress – nothing is left to chance.